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About us

Company Profile


Catapultt is a New Delhi based Destination/Event Management Company having branch offices in Kolkata, Jaipur and Ahmedabad and connected internationally through own office in Sri Lanka.

We firmly hold on to a simple belief that states 'do what you love and the success shall follow you'. Our organization is built by ardent voyagers with first hand experiences of putting up at multiple shores. We are as passionate about travel as you are. So think of us as fellow traveller, translating a richer holiday experience for you.

At Catapultt, we have an inside-out familiarity of the travel world. We travel constantly to discover the latest trends in the industry and have established strong and meaningful relationships with our suppliers across the continents. This ensures that we present our clients with a refreshing mix of the best prices and impeccable service. We pride ourselves on our service, flexibility, ingenuity and imagination that allow us to design your holidays to your specific needs and requirements, no matter how stringent they are.

Catapultt specializes in providing turning solutions for any kind of event, wedding or conference. Our holiday team is specialized in providing tailor-made holidays and wholesalerates for 4 & 5 star hotels across Indian subcontinent.

  • vision

    To redefine the skyline of the Events & Tourism sector with the ability to provide personalized services to every client being the key differentiator from its competition.

  • Mission

    • To meet client needs in an organized manner, unlike the general unorganized approach that the entire industry has cultured with time.
    • To understand the client needs and suggest the best possible travel solution with the help of skilful and professional personnel.
    • To provide on door service to clients.
    • To provide end to end management for all events. This includes Ticketing, Hotel Reservations, Tour Packages, Training and on-ground management during the event, to name but a few.